Monday, January 28, 2008

Depression update

Slowly passing depressing with occasional bouts of laughter and joy. Daytimes better. Finding out that our renovation is going to cost even less than we had thought is great. Found some bright colored jeans at Wal-Mart for $13 or $17. I can wear them to work. Ate lunch with partner. Got a good haircut. Found a wonderful new snack - Wild Things Crunch cereal from Kellogg's - had a picture of panda on the front so I had to buy it. LOL. And, it's only 100 calories for 3/4 cup with some fiber - crunches so good.

My cable scarf is coming along nicely. I will have to get one more skein of yarn tomorrow because I'm running out, but I am so thrilled with it. And, I made more yellow squigglies from the sleeves of the yellow sweater. I balled some of it, but I put the ends and bits in a blue pottery bowl and it's so pretty.

Life is good. Tonight may be not so good, but basically, everything is getting better. This, too, shall pass.

thanks for all the prayers and hugs.


Janis Bland said...

I'm glad things are looking up today!

There's this about it: a good haircut is good for the soul. Flu or not, I have to go to work tomorrow, because I have a haircut at lunchtime!

Jane R said...

Good for you! When I was recovering from major depression (about 13 years ago) I discovered that even "a day at a time" didn't work. It was more like "an hour at a time" - or less. For a while I could only do one thing a day. Then things got better, with treatment and time. It's great that you did several things! Depression can be so paralyzing that this kind of activity is not automatic at all. Thanks for keeping us posted.

Winter doesn't help, either. Even if you don't technically have SAD, the lack of light makes things worse for some people.

Love your description of the colors. Another good sign: colors matter to you.

Hang in there and remember you aren't alone.

Cecilia said...

(((Sharecropper))) thank you for keeping us updated. I too am glad the colors matter...

Pax, C.

Nina said...

(doing happy dance, which would make you laugh if you could see it)

Judy Vaughan-Sterling said...

I'm so glad you're a bit better! My son does really well on Lamictal (and Xanax, and Zoloft). Do you think you could have seasonal affective disorder (SAD)? My dad had it, and was depressed all winter. Get as much sunlight as you can. And keep us posted!

Doorman-Priest said...

I undersand and identify with you. Thank God for Citalopram! Keep smiling!

Wormwood's Doxy said...

Sorry to be so behind, my friend. Prayers ascending for a further lifting of the clouds. Been there, done that----right now, I'm standing in the sunshine. Hope you will be soon!


June Butler said...

Sharecropper, I'm glad you're feeling better. Indeed, this, too, shall pass. Prayers for you that your improvement continues.

When you're done, perhaps you could post a picture of your scarf.

Oh, and that's wonderful news that the work on your house is going to cost LESS. That's the opposite of what usually happens with renovations.