Saturday, February 02, 2008

knitting stuff

Went to a new shop today and found some interesting display ideas and lots more open space than we have at the shop where I work - but lots less yarn...and everything, almost, was on sale. Here's a picture of the stuff I bought today as well as some stuff that's hanging around my workroom.

And, here's the finished red cable scarf before it is blocked.

And here's D's soft lavender scarf which is still packed in the box to be shipped - same place it's been all week. And, listen, kiddo, if you don't like it, you can't send it back - give it to someone else, okay. I have way too much stuff in this office.

So, yes to all to who have asked. I'm feeling much better, getting over a several day headache, running a humidifier and air cleaner and doing hot compresses and cold packs and pain killers, and..... well, you get the idea. But, basically, I'm good. Looking forward to a pretty day tomorrow when I have no responsibilities.

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shallotpeel said...

Moi? Not like it? Let's see, what are the odds, ... nyah, never happen, total long shot that I wouldn't like it. Meanwhile it looks deliciously soft & good feeling & that red cabled thing looks 'gawgeous while I am at it. I laughed & laughed & laughed when I read that you had gone & bought more yarn today.

Headache wise, don't neglect hydration. Drink lots of water, or as close to water as you can stand. Use eye drops, moistening. Use nasal spray, moistening. Run hot water in basin & bring steam up into your face. Shower extra. Bathe extra. Water, water, water. Otherwise I would suggest spicy foods but most of those don't really work for you, or appeal to you.

Your ever loving Headache Mama signing off for now ...