Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Knitting

Our friends Gin and Mindi from Denver have been visiting, and I've been knitting while we talked and after dinner each night. I offered to make Gin a pair of socks once I learned how to make socks. She said she had socks someone had knitted hung on her wall- they were artwork, not wearables.


And, Mindi is getting a case for her Touch-pod. (front and back views)


Kate Morningstar said...

Socks is not as hard as it looks, Sharecropper!! There is a book by Cat Bondi, called "Socks Soar on Two Needles". I can't do her technique, but I do socks on sets of 5 birch DPN's, and love it, and they never slide off. Bondi suggests using two cable needles, with half the stitches for the sock on each one. You always knit the stitches off THIS needle back ONTO the same one you're taking them off, and it works. And it's very nice -- it you use a self-striping wool, and no knitted in patterns, it's just blissful, mindless, prayerful knitting around and around.

Do you know the YarnHarlot's blog? http://www.yarnharlot.ca/blog/ (Sorry -- I haven't learned how to link in a comments thread yet -- I'm such a technoweenie.) She knits socks all the time, and shows pictures, and writes books about them. And she lives 40 miles from me, not even, and she's VERY good about replying to personal e-mails.

Anonymous said...

Nice Knitting ShareCropper. I like those colors and how they kind of fade into something else. A nice expression of your creativity.