Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dining Out

Hmmmm Good. And, I'm not talking about Campbell's Soup. We ate at Olive Garden tonight - seafood alfredo with that wonderful salad and breadsticks. Brought home enough to have for supper tomorrow night, and the room has a refrigerator and microwave. Hmmm, good.

Walked it off by going to Ben Franklin - now a crafts store. However, my first job was at a Ben Franklin store, and I began working behind the candy counter. LOL After a week, the candy loses its lure, but I still love the old fashioned bridge mix with lots of nuts (other than peanuts) and chewies and good stuff. Then I was moved to the toy department because I seemed to be so good with the kids. I remember a young boy, thick glasses, couldn't see over the tops of the counter. I picked him up so that he could look in all the bins of toys and choose what he wanted to buy with his handful of coins. Turned out he was the son of the richest family in town. He was just another kid looking longingly at the toys to me. And, I think of him fondly and wonder where he is now.

Anyway, now Ben Franklin is much like Michael's and AC Moore; so I bought some beads and some yarn. Made a hostess gift for our dinner hostess tomorrow night...a crocheted hot pad from some luscious burgundy thick wool. It's kinda cute, and maybe I'll remember to take a picture tomorrow night.

Tonight it's comfy beds and sleep.

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