Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Dream Visitor

Me on the left and Ginni on the right on a playing trip to Longwood, a farm near Columbus, Mississippi. We wanted the stump; the limestone ground was unwilling to give it up then.

Last night in my dreams I was visited by someone who died earlier this year. Ginni, about whom I posted, was a person who had a lot of fun. She, like me, suffered from deep depressions. But, last night we played. She came and took em to her house in the mountains with a small pond/lake nearby. Lots of people were visiting, and all the beds were out on the porch. I never went into the house. I was the first to arrive, and we had wonderful talks while others arrived. Then we all piled into the beds and had a nap. When we awoke, more people had arrived and we squeezed into an open jeep with roll bars, everyone hanging on for dear life and we went barrelling down the mountainside towards the pond. We went down the steps of someone's house, over a short drop-off and across their patio to stop. I was amazed; I thought I was going to be killed in a jeep/mountain accident. The lake had furniture underwater, floating on the water - sofas and chairs of all kinds and tables - places for people to gather. I knew the water would be cold, but no one minded. I don't know if I actually got in the water, but I remember that I had a good time. When I went to find to our hosts, they had arms, legs and hearts - no heads, no torsos. I thanked them and they told me what a pleasure it had been to meet me and get to know me. I asked about getting back to Ginni's and my car, and they said that special steps had been built beside the ones we came over in the jeep for people to use. I awoke when I started for the steps.

I had played...young adult play, but play nonetheless. I remember running, talking, napping when we were tired, being easy with one another - though Ginni is the only person I remember. I vaguely remember hastily put together sports-like games with balls or tag. I remember looking up above the porch to the many-windowed home and thinking, Ginni would like that. A great visit.

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Anonymous said...

That is such a beautiful dream. I think Ginni was reaching out to you.