Sunday, September 21, 2008

First Day of Autumn

Happy autumn!

And, unhapppy me. I've been reading a series of fantasy books about Pellinor - the Naming, The Riddle, The Crow. I just finished the last word of the third book in the series. It came out in paperback in August 08. The next book isn't due until March 09 in Hardcover! YOW!

I am not a patient person. I want to know how the story least this war - for all the fantasy books have war - light against dark. Stories that are like Revelations - not prophecies, but tellings of the current situations in settings that disguise slightly the real events. Apocalyptic stories. Not real, but not unreal.

Somehow, these stories symbolize our world and all the Dark things that are happening as well as how the Light struggles with the Dark. In the end, the Light and Dark are we know that is true in our world.

So, I want to know the ending. What happens when Light and Dark become One. Who? What is that One?

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Anonymous said...

FRemember how long we had to wait for Robert Caro's second in a three part series on LBJ? Now TAHT was a long wait.