Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A crafty woman

Yesterday and today at work I used a mask when straightening or putting away yarn, and it helped greatly with my breathing. What a difference in the way I feel tonight - and I checked in and bagged a huge box of Plymouth yarns today! As I was leaving work - already a half-hour later than scheduled, our UPS lady came with a big box and said, "Ok, just turn around and go back in." So I did. I like our UPS lady...and I love unpacking boxes of yarn. Besides, this had some yarn that I had requested in it - to make Christmas presents - at the bottom of the box, of course.

Oh, I love the colors and the different textures. Right now, I'm working with Misti Cotton/Silk - what a great yarn. Making a scarf as a Christmas present for a friend of mine...ribs with a single off-center cable. Slow, but pleasing.

And, I'm on the second ball of Knit one Crochet Too's Ty Dy in a rainbow color, tropicale, making a shawl for another friend. This works up as a DK weight cotton in beautiful stripes. This is over half done, but up to over 120 stitches per row now. It's about 10 inches deep...don't know how long.

Besides that, I'm crocheting in between knitting - can't knit too long at one time. But, I'm making stars for package ornaments and rainbow flowers and potholders and hot pads. And, if you're on my Christmas list and you don't want a potholder or hot pad, now is the time to speak. Otherwise, thou shalt be ecstatic when opening such a hand-made gift. Some are peaches N creme cotton (worsted and double worsted) in various ombres (that's multi-colors for those of you who don't use this yarn), red, green, and a couple of other colors. Also using superwash wool because wool is such a great insulator. No, if you're allergic to wool, I'm not making potholders for you with this...only hotpads that you don't have to handle much.

I'm really excited about the stars, and I'll try to take some pictures this week. And, for anyone who crochets, I'll add the star pattern.


Lindy said...

Those are beautiful, Sharecropper. It must be satisfying to make something like that.

Janis Bland said...

Those yarns look scrumptous! Wish I knew how to do something with them.

Even if I did know how to knit or crochet, I'm sure I'd collect yarn like I collect rubber stamps now! :)