Friday, November 07, 2008


This is my own five-point star pattern made in various yarns - Skacel glittery stuff, worsted and double worsted Peaches N Creme, Peaches N Creme Article 960.

The garland at the back is chain 10, add three 4dc clusters and repeat until length desired.

Close up of the double worsted Peaches N Creme star.

Snowflake chain made with worsted Peaches N Creme. Pattern from

sharecropper's five point crochet star:
Chain 1
Round 1: chain 3, 2 dc cluster in first chain, chain 3 *3dc cluster in first chain, ch3* repeat from * until 5 clusters, join in 2nd chain at beginning.
Round 2: *sc, dc, trc, picot, trc, dc, sc* in each 3 chain space, join, and leave tail for hanger.

Picot: chain 3, sl st in first chain.

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Lindy said...

That last part is like a foreign language to me but, hey, cool stars! I admire your skill and creativity.