Monday, May 04, 2009

A blogger award for me?

PENolan has given me the Bella Award along with the instructions that I give it to 15 other bloggers. Too early for me to contemplate that, but watch out! Today is another day, and after a bit more sleep, I'll think of you.

Much as I like awards, the roses, somehow, remind me of how I feel when Michael calls me "Sweet Sharecropper" - who me?


Fergie said...

ha! I sent you one too.

You deserve it! Thanks!

Bryan said...

Awesome and congrats - I really hope one day I earn an award as well.

If you don't mind - check out my blog too called Personal Development and Growth, Your Guide to Self-Improvement and Personal Growth- it's worth checking out and thought I would share! I'm trying to not just make new friends but also help friends, new and old alike. Take care!

lindy said...

It IS a lovely blog. And I never know what I'll find here, family history, knitting, critters... bit, it's all ShareCropper, and it's all good. Congratulations on your blog award.